18 New Android Games From Last Week: The Best, The Worst And Everything In It

By | April 26, 2021
18 New Android Games From Last Week: The Best, The Worst And Everything In It

Arkansas Golf is a slingshot game where you are given the task of shooting a ball around a stage to reach a goal like a goal. You will pull it again to throw it in the opposite direction, hopefully it will close a few walls to reach your platform. So actually, it will play like a platform where you will use slingshot controls to reach the goal of each level and it is quite enjoyable for this kind of design.

Slim Lab

Slim Labs is a physics-based platform where you can navigate your way through each level, avoiding obstacles on the way to winning each level.

Cube Escape Collection

This is exactly what Cube Escape Collection is, an app that collects every point and click-cube escape game from Rusty Lake, although you still have to pay for each chapter. You were always able to purchase each chapter as a single title, now you can collect them in a single application with the help of this single release. Originally, these games offer challenging puzzles and interesting stories, so if you enjoy adventure games and haven’t got the Cube Escape, now is your chance to see what you’re missing.

How do you play this game blind drive literally. Drives blind. While it’s not always the first title to get into sound-based gameplay, it’s a polished endeavor where you have to listen carefully to make it perfectly without crashing your car.

Card hog – coil card crawler

Card Hog Snout up Games is a card-based dark crawler, dedicated indie that has been making Android games for years. As you can see, this is a colorful title where all the moves and attacks on a 4×3 grid of cards. The longer you last while enjoying the darker depths of the games without dying, the better, and so you’ll gradually gain permanent upgrades to make sure you can lengthen each game space. The gameplay is easy to pick, and since it’s a free-to-play title, everyone can check it out.

Infinite pinball

Infinity Pinball is a pixel-based pinball game that provides an old-school look for a familiar pinball experience. Unlike most pinball games, you’ll play in a landscape view with your flipper buttons on each side of the screen. So even though you’re not using your full screen for this game, I can say it’s a comfortable way to adapt to this release.


Stargazing is a casual puzzle where the atmosphere is relaxed, the gameplay is enjoyable and plus the game has all sorts of porches about these stars, so you can learn something. You’re free to use the game and if you like what you want to see, you can purchase the app and remove the headline ads.

Dungeon Village 2

Dungeon Village 2 is the latest Cheroot strategy game to get an English translation. As you can see, this is a continuation of the Dungeon Village series and so finding your heroes will lead you to a few cities to make sure you are flowing the gold stream for this city’s extended upgrades. This is a simple setup and if you enjoy the first one you will definitely have fun with the sequel.

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Average games

The titles may not be the best but they still provide fun and interesting mechanics

Challenge – Free platform. Retro games

Dish The Challenge is a few months old, but since we haven’t covered it yet, I wanted to make sure people got a chance to see it. It’s a platform and it’s a challenging one. It’s ad-supported, and there’s no way to remove these ads, but outside of that it’s an enjoyable game where you’ll solve the puzzle of your platform to reach the goal at every step.

Dead Man’s Phone: Interactive Crime Drama

The Dead Man phone is an early access lost phone game. This is a genre where you find a game-like phone that you can explore through any UI that mimics a smartphone. With this phone you can solve the mystery of the game by asking the suspects via video chat app to solve this familiar area, but the game provides its own unique twist to thank Jenner for the video-based interview, so if you enjoy previous lost phone games You can get a kick out of Dead Man’s phone.


Fer.L is a social game where you create your own fabulous creatures to collect materials used to craft unique items. These items are effective for decorating your in-gum home or living room. Originally, the game was literally a skinner box, but it is said that the game was built around monetization customization. Luckily the game isn’t too greedy with this setup, so here’s hoping it stays that way.

Battery boy

Battery Boy is an endless runner, but it also offers a few pinball divisions, so there’s a lot more to this title than just your usual casual game. Your job as an endless runner is to run if you can’t die and of course your run will make as much money as it does to unlock new characters and skins.

Wood industry – crafts and paints

Art of Wood is a casual sculpture and painting game. It will be your job to paint certain objects from wooden blocks to the appropriate colored objects This is a simple game best played in a short blast, so if you like casual release then Art of Wood should be your alley. Note that there is no way to remove headline ads, so for now you need to continue.

Mystico: Click first person points and puzzle adventure

Mystic is a game of point and click adventure in the same vein as Mystic (if you couldn’t tell by name). Like Myst, you can look for every object in every scene and find clues that will try to take you to the end of the game. As it stands, it would be good to add a hint system to the title because it can be hard to tell which section of the game you can interact with, so this is a title that can use more polish before it is ready to be prime.

Medium games

Titles that offer boogie, chained or aggressive monetization

Battleship Apollo

Battleship Apollo is a space-based strategy game that does not provide the best graphics, but it does offer deep gameplay. You can choose your skills on the net by going singles or playing online in the multiplayer arena. After all, like any good strategy game, this title provides enough content that can keep you going year after year which means you can constantly upgrade your ships. Unfortunately monetization is not the best, so whether it is a game like time investment depends on the outcome of how much you can’t ignore.

Nekromanda: Gang Skymarish

Necromania: Gang Screams is another game that has just been flushed and is already full of monetization. Of course, the game may crash at every other level, you may not be able to find any online player, but there is no doubt that the purchases will be fully effective. Ideally, this game is a turn-based strategy game in the town of Murdheim : Dammed, as well as a fairly popular turn in Necromancer. They still have a lot of work to do to reach the heights of Morphemic.


Warpath is a new release from Lilith Games, which provided the battle theme at the top of the studio, another free-to-play strategy of the Kingdom Rise of the Kingdom. As expected, the visuals are great, although there is no gameplay in the gameplay due to the reliance on titles. True, the game exploded to Kingdom Builder, much like Clash of Clans or Game of War, so it didn’t bring anything new to the table.

Hunter Legend – The Rise of the Group

Hunt Legend – Rice Clay is a simple monster hunting game full of greedy monetization. This title is not made for entertainment, it is made to empty your wallet, and so its mechanics are transparent, resulting in a boring game that constantly leads to false streets. So if the signal that Hunter Legend should be omitted is not enough, the keyword stuffed name is probably horrible monetization.

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