Dragon Flight Review News – An Arcade Shooter with a Deep RPG System

By | April 26, 2021
Dragon Flight Review News – An Arcade Shooter with a Deep RPG System

During action sequences, Dragon Flight looks like a traditional, accessible bullet-hell shooter, but these make up just one part of the game.

As with any gauche RPG, you’ll spend at least as much time off the battlefield as on it, spending the gold and loot you’ve earned on levelling up your heroes and their weapons, equipping items, researching Crests, summoning heroes, hatching hatchlings, and so on.

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Plenty of Modes

There are numerous modes. Arena is P2P, while squad is a sort of guild system where the aim is to join or form a squad in order to earn special rewards. It’s worth pointing out that you’re never directly fighting other players – just competing with their performances.

League Battle is the main mode, and it’s split into League Battles proper and stages. These stages are where most of the variety can be found.

They come with a range of different objectives, such as taking down a succession of super-tough elite dragons, pummeling a great big pudding for easy rewards, and completing traditional bullet-hell stages complete with bosses, waves of enemies, and pulsating patterns of colorful ordinance.

You can complete each of these for free a certain number of times each day, with the aim of taking your looting gains into the League Battle main event.

League Battle is a challenging, conventional bullet-hell mode in which you’re fighting for rank against other players. Interestingly, the precise conditions of League Battle are refreshed every day. Your goal is to defeat the Dark Lord and reach Cataclysm, at which point various Cataclysm effects are unleashed, introducing special boss and monster types.

This system mixes the gameplay up, forces you to compose your squads with care, and ensures that no two days are the same in terms of what’s waiting for you in League Battle. It’s pretty neat.

You can also claim 100 crystals for free by entering the code DRAG-ONFL-IGHT-GLOB on the Coupon page – which you can find by going to the ‘Other’ option on the right side of the screen.

When you’re not barreling through the skies, unleashing untold flaming death and weaving nimbly through enemy fire, you’ll spend your time managing your characters and inventory.

Items Galore

Equip able items include garments and weapons, all with their own attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. You can enchant them with Magic Stones or Crystals, and enhance them by sacrificing other items, or simply sell them for gold.

Then there are rewards to collect by completing achievements, quests, and daily missions. You know the drill – Dragon Flight is as rich and engrossing as they come in terms of gauche RPG mechanics, and you can sink a lot of time into its systems.

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