Good News 4 Games 2021 : PUBG Mobile Royale, Human, The Walking Dead, Dungeon of the Endless

By | April 26, 2021
Good News 4 Games 2021 : PUBG Mobile Royale, Human, The Walking Dead, Dungeon of the Endless

The update – which thrills the heels of PUBG Mobile 1.3 – helps players choose two place-to-place prizes to follow as they complete challenges. There are also collectibles, including special AOG and Car 98K skins, a violin music set and more.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royal Pass has just begun, adding a musical hundredth rhythm theme

Human: The fallen flat has received two new fan making courses on mobile

Human: Fruit Flat, the puzzle-platform of developer No Break Break Games, has just gotten some new content on mobile. Significantly, it has only got two new levels.

They are golf and city. Both have been available in the PC version of the game since last year and both Curve Digital and No Break were created by fans as part of the Humanly Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop.

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The Walking Dead

Publisher Alex has just announced The Walking Dead: Survival, a survival strategy game based on the popular Walking Dead series of games, TV shows and video games.

Gameplay-Wise, The Walking Dead: Survivors have seen you build your city to make it stronger against walkers and worse players. The survivors of the title are the direct characters of the Walking Dead comic, including Rick, Maya, Vienne, Glenn, Dwight and others.

These survivors can be placed in combat or development jobs and there are three types of fighters: melee, sharpshooter and equestrian. The battle itself seems to take the form of tower defense.

Outside of combat you need to procure supplies, farm, train your troops, explore your environment, recruit new heroes and much more. The gameplay covers lots of genre bases, which are viewed from all isometric perspectives.

Endless Darkness

Dark pit of the Endless: The Android version of the acclaimed PC and iOS Tower Defense Rolls-Royce has received a $ 4.99 discount on the Oppose Google Play Store.

The discount will run until March 23, after which the game will cost 7.99.

These survivors are carrying a crystal with them. You have to defend it at all costs and the crystal becomes stronger as you go through the game, giving you access to new skills and abilities.

Released on PC in 2014, Off-Endless Blackout is an innovative strategy game that lets you see how you can successfully observe a crew surviving a spaceship crash safely through various dungeon-like floors.

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