New Frogger In Toy Town Update News Brings Ranked Endurance Mode And Much More

By | April 26, 2021
New Frogger In Toy Town Update News Brings Ranked Endurance Mode And Much More

Animal pet games are great games, especially if your virtual pets are talking animals. My Talking Frog – Virtual Pet enables you to enjoy taking care of a different talking virtual pet and playing fun frog games.

The courses are one of two types. The first are Lane Stages, bringing back the classic Forger gameplay where you move left or right to avoid obstacles. Meanwhile, Physics Stages have you using physics-based objects to collect gems and increase your score. The stages each become increasingly difficult, so be sure to stay aware of everything going on to earn a high score.

Features of My Talking Frog:
High quality 3D graphics, Funny animations and great special effect, Excellent frog games app, Amazing frog simulator game, Weather change effect

Talk to My Talking Frog
Talk to Frog and he will repeat what you say, Laugh out loud at frog’s funny voice, Share funny picture with your friends.

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Play with My Talking Frog
Touch the forgot make him happy, Poke frog’s head until he sees stars, Poke frog’s belly and feet, Going to explore with the frog.

There’s also more coming with this latest update. Forger in Toy Town has now implemented a new Collection Element known as Capsule Toys. When you earn stamps from Endurance Mode, you can turn these into Toy Coins.

You can then spend these on the Capsule Machine to win one of over 300 Toy Town Capsule Toys and display them in the Museum. If you collect them all, you will unlock a brand-new Golden Forger Costume.

You can also earn Toy Coins from daily and weekly bonuses, where a weekly stamp card allows you to save up and collect these along with a daily login bonus.

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