This Week’s Best New Android Games: Cobra Kai: Card Fighter, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin, and more

By | April 26, 2021
This Week's Best New Android Games: Cobra Kai: Card Fighter, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassin, and more

The Cobra Kai show is a perfect gem that manages to make both players sarcastic and completely sincere. This card-based mobile gaming spin-off has not yet lived up as its source material. But how can it? We still think Cobra Kai: Card Warrior is worth mentioning for its glorious subject matter and innovative turn-based combat.

Dr. Hu’s Promotional Blob: Lonely Assassin contains all sorts of keywords that directly target Dr. Hu’s nerves. Crying Pari. Blink Oyster Drumlins. This innovative looking phone game from Simulacra developer Kalgan Games is a polished mobile outing for the franchised Doctor, featuring members from shows and venues.

Android gamers had to wait longer than anyone else for the acclaimed Tower Defense Roguvilic of Endless, Danzi on from Amplitude Studios, but once it arrived we got the best possible version. Oppose has a bunch of DLCs in addition to the original game, and the peg character Ayer Warier from the start.

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Do you know what is more exciting than driving? Managing the person who drives fast. This is the beginning of GT Manager, a swish-looking management game that sees you building headquarters, managing pit stops, hiring drivers, determining your tire strategy and of course winning races against other players.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

We think it looks decent. The Walking Dead: Survivors adopt a genre-strategizing strategy that features the walking dead in comics, some tower defense, some city-building, and some PVP characters. The graphics are detailed and the slits and gameplay are ambitious. You can pre-register for the game in the United States, but it’s initially available in the UK (and probably elsewhere – just a look).

The initial teaser trailer for Tomb Raider Reloaded lacked all the details lee you can see below. Fortunately, the game is now available in Thailand and the Philippines, so impressions and gameplay videos must follow. We now know it’s vaguely a top-down shooter with an upgraded mechanic like Hades, but we don’t know when it will come worldwide.

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